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No one left behind; food, clothing, water. We know what if feels like to be in need. Thank you for your continual support.

We are a Heal the World Foundation serving to protect basic human needs (food, clothing, water, sanitary items, and shelter). Our proceeds go to our "No One left behind program," enabling us to supply food, clothing, tents, and to individuals and families in need.

Together, we can heal our world. 

We can make the world a better place one person at a time. 



Our mission is to eliminate poverty worldwide.  We started our organization based on the need for human rights around the world. With our "NO ONE LEFT BEHIND MISSION" We BELIEVE that no one should be without food, water, sanitary items, clothing, and shelter. We've got a big mission and a big compassionate heart to accomplish our goals. 

Help us make a difference! 


We care about you and you​r family. Our vision is to see no one without food, clothing, water, and shelter. We are a basic needs organization who is here to serve humanity. Love of humanity is the key to our endeavors. We desire to help eliminate unnecessary suffering in our world. With kindness, unity, love, and oneness, we are able to make the impossible possible. Even distributions of food, clothing, water, and shelter.  "Making the world a better place"

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